Using Google forms for AFL

I’ve been putting a QR code on the student’s desks, learning mats and homework tasks which links to a learning summary google form I’ve created. The last section on the sheet asks if there is anything that the students don’t quite get.


This allows me to either attend to the issue during the lesson or plan the support for the next lesson.


Is rapid progress sustainable, retentive and beneficial to our students? I need convincing.

I would like to question how rapid progress is sustained and retained progress. Any form of skill acquisition needs a phase of practice in order to embed. This practice phase is likely to be seen as a plateau in terms of progress. My concern is that rapid progress like a quick fix diet, it is rarely permanent.

“it’s only progress if it sticks. From one lesson to another. From beyond the exam into the next stage of life. Anything else is smoke and mirrors”. @debrakidd