Using Green/Blue Screen in iMovie.

I’m currently running Saturday enrichment sessions focusing on the ‘Everyone Can Create’ modules published by Apple Education.

Below is a short video I made using clips to support the pupils in creating green/blue screen videos using iMovie. Hopefully you might find it useful as well.


Using quizzes in class is an engaging form of assessment. If you get students to create the quizzes themselves, it is a way to adding depth and challenge to their learning.

There are a number of online quiz producing applications available to choose from, this post specifically focuses on which is what I’m currently using with some of my classes.

The reason I gave a go, was partly due to this image posted on Twitter


I had been using Kahoot previously but liked the way Quizziz displayed the questions on each players device and also allowed players to progress at their own pace.

As previously mentioned, I get my students to create quizzes as a task to consolidate their learning whilst adding depth and challenge. Below is a link to a booklet I produced in Book Creator to guide them through the setup process.

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Download a copy of the booklet here.

Creating a Quizizz Quiz-1

Below are photos of templates given to the students to plan their quizzes.


Once their planes were completed they created their quizzes within the application.


Completed Quizizz where then shared to the class via Edmodo and posted on the students individual maths blogs.

Apps for education – Edpuzzle

Redefining Learning 


EdPUZZLE is an application which allows you to upload a video from libraries such as  YouTube or TED and trim it down, while pausing the video to add questions the students must answer. 

This application can be used in class or as part of a flipped learning environment and is ideal for teachers that want to make sure that online video assignments are actually being watched and that students are grasping the concepts and information being presented.

Multiple choice questions and ‘teacher view’ options allow you to see how students have performed.

As well as being web-based, Edpuzzle has applications that run in iOS and Chrome,  with and android app currently being developed.


For all up to date information and support visit:


Apps for Education – Flipboard

 Redefining learning


What is Flipboard? 

Flipboard allows you to create your own personal magazine by collecting web links, photos, videos, hash tags and twitter feeds. You can then flip through your pages just like a real magazine.

Tried and tested

  • From a professional development point of view I’ve created magazines based on my most commonly followed hash tags or individuals twitter feeds.
  • For resources which I use with students in class, I created a magazine made up of the tweets from @revisejustmaths. Each page is made up of either a GCSE exam question or solution from their superb tweets.
  • Getting students to create there own magazine is where learning is modified and redefined. This can be done in class or as a homework task and creations shared, discussed and moderated amongst peers.