Using Green/Blue Screen in iMovie.

I’m currently running Saturday enrichment sessions focusing on the ‘Everyone Can Create’ modules published by Apple Education.

Below is a short video I made using clips to support the pupils in creating green/blue screen videos using iMovie. Hopefully you might find it useful as well.

Did I miss out?

During my teacher training, e-learning was not a focus, and to be honest a lot of the new technology making it’s way into the classrooms was yet to become commercially available. Any use of new technology during teaching practices was down to the individual. I don’t however think my experience has had a negative impact on the implementation of technology in my teaching. As a teacher I’m always looking for creative and engaging ways to enhance the learning experience of my students. My students live in a world which has advanced from the system I was taught in. It is an educators duty to provide a service / experience that matches the world students live in. Technology is the future, the positive effect it has in education is apparent to those who use it and is quickly spreading to those who currently don’t. Teaching is a profession where training never ends. If you didn’t experience it at university I don’t believe you miss out. Like driving you learn more once you out there doing it.

Technology is changing Classrooms

Gone are the days when teaching meant the traditional use of blackboard, chalk and pencils. Technology has a major role in the 21st century and schools are adopting it across the globe. While at one point in time, adopting technology into the classroom may have been perceived as stressful and forced for teachers and students alike, as it stands now, students aren’t just excited about using technology, teachers are excited and highly capable of utilizing its presence in the classroom. Technology is being seen as an aid to teaching by many teachers and they are enthusiastic about its use in education.

From smartboards to class computers to e-readers, e-textbooks, to various apps and tools, each new technology presents new modes of both teaching and learning opportunities. Teachers are finding new ways to adopt and implement technology into the classroom . Technology has made teachers ready for 21st century and more efficient than ever. They make the student learning fun and efficient.